Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 100 Films

I had all but decided to abandon this particular blog of mine, when something someone said struck a chord. I was asked to name my favorite 'old movies' and this reminded me that I had actually constructed a 'Top 100' list a while ago and had never really posted it here. Therefore, I've decided to resurrect this blog, since movies are an age-old passion of mine.

I'm very proud of my list. It consists almost entirely of older films, movies made before the disintegration of 'proper' society-or times when things were pure, innocent, classic. Occasionally, a film is released in the present day that sticks with me and makes me reconsider this list. And then, after sleeplessness and much concentration- I alter THE LIST. It's a traumatic time, but I get through it.

I have been doing a few movie reviews on my fashion/ style website but am sticking to classic films for that blog. So this is a place to vent and discuss movies from other time periods or genres. Over the next few months, I'll be posting mini reviews of the following films, so feel free to check back if you are interested.

Top 100 Movin' Pitchers
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. You Can't Take It With You
3. Mr Smith Goes to Washington
4. A Room With a View
5. All About Eve
6. The Manchurian Candidate
7. Life Is Beautiful
8. The Great Escape
9. Gigi
10. On The Waterfront
11. Goodby Mr Chips
12. Singin' In the Rain
13. Giant
14. The Big Country
15. Mr Deeds Goes to Town
16. The Women
17. Sense and sensibility
18. Roman Holiday
19. Dead Poets Society
20. Sleeping Beauty
21. The Philadelphia Story
22. Rebecca
23. Jaws
24. Chariots Of Fire
25. The Bridge on the River Kwai
26. It's a Wonderful Life
27. The Sound of Music
28. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
29. Ben Hur
30. O Brother Where Art Thou?
31. Spartacus
32. The West Side Story
33.The Coal Miner's Daughter
34. The Shawshank Redemption
35. Gone With the Wind
36. The Best Years of Our Lives
37. The Quiet Man
38. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
39. Funny Girl
40. The Emprie Strikes Back
41. Star Wars-A New Hope
42. An American In Paris
43. The Sting
44. Much Ado About Nothing
45. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
46. Sayonara
47. Hello Dolly
48. Empire of the Sun
49. The Miracle Worker
50. The Three Faces of Eve
51. Barefoot in the Park
52. The Red Shoes
53. The Black Stallion
54. My Fair Lady
55. Amadeus
56. Rear Window
57. Les Diaboliques
58. Moonstruck
59. Places in the Heart
60. The Year of Living Dangerously
61. Henry V
62. Babette's Feast
63. Citizen kane
64. Dr Zhivago
65. Oliver!
66. Tengoku to jigoku (High and Low)
67. Howard's End
68. Cool Hand Luke
69. The Incredibles
70. Arsenic and Old Lace
71. Psycho
72. High Society
73. The Truman Show
74. 12 Angry Men
75. Witness
76. The Wizard of Oz
77. Harvey
78. Schindler's List
79. The Last of the Mohicans
80. The Picture of Dorian Gray
81. Dr Strangelove
82. A Man for All Seasons
83. THe Road Home
84. High Noon
85. Becket
86. The African Queen
87. Office Space
88. The Apartment
89. Bringing Up Baby
90. Chicago
91. Charade
92. The Fugitive
93. Arthur!
94. Emma
95. Born Yesterday
96. Breaker Morant
97. Good Morning Vietnam!
98. Searching for Bobby Fisher
99. The Freshman
100. Green Card